Add to cart Button jut works for a few products within a collection list

I have been trying for many hours now, but I can not solve the problem. I am using a template and customized it for my needs. Do not actually know how old this template is or if it any matters.

The add-to-cart button works perfectly on a single product page. On every other page, it does not work. On the shop page it works for a few products.

So far, I deleted all the cart and add-to-cart elements, included in the template and added new, pure ones. But still, within the shop page a few - the saem as before - work.

Any ideas, how I can fix this issue?

Here is my site Read-Only:

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My add to cart is not showing up on some products as well :confused:

No idea anyone? I really appriciate any suggestion to solve this.

I saw @matthewpmunger knows about the button?

Hey @Ondry :wave: I’m happy to help with this. Updating your template’s components to make sure they’re the newest version is good step, but usually not necessary unless you are prompted to do so. Just in case the template needs updating, what’s the name of the template?

The add-to-cart functionality only works on the published site. In the Designer, the items in the cart are just samples for designing with. Are you experiencing this issue on the published site?

If so please share a link to some pages where you’ve noticed this. Then we can go from there.

Hey @Braden_Mosley also happy to help you. Same question. Are you experiencing this issue on the published site?

If so please share a link to some pages where you’ve noticed this. We can investigate from there.

Hey @matthewpmunger … Thanks a lot for your help in advance.
Yeah, the button does not work properly on the published site/s. For example this one: On this site, the button works for some of the products. The same on evry other site, where products are shown (e.g. Home). The courser changes so you can see it is a link or something clickable,but nothing happens.
I use the Klaer template.

Hey @matthewpmunger and @Braden_Mosley ,
The tempalte is from Udesly and I also contacted their support and I got a solution:

The issue is on variable products.

The option-selector is on display: none, so the user cannot select the variant, without selecting it they will not be able to add to cart, either, remove the display none on the element “option-list” or you should preselect all variants.

Everything fuctions now as it suppose to :slight_smile:

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