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Add-to-cart-Button in Prdocut List only working correctly on custom domain

Hello everybody,

a problem occured while building our online shop. On the product page we have a section with correspondign articles. Its a list referencing other products and a add-to-cart-button. You can add either the product of the page itself or/and one of the corresponding products from the list. It all works well on our custom domain, but it somehow stoped working on the floorwell preview domain. Clicking on the add-to-cart-button of a correspondign product will not put that specific product. but the parent product from the product page itself to the cart. Which is really strange. Now i’m afraid to publish again,since its not working. Maybe the concept is a bit hard to catch. So the structure is roughly like that:

Product Page (Product Z)

  • Product Info
    • Add-to-cart-Button

  • Collection List (Other Products X & Y referred by the parent Product Z via reference lsit)
    • Collection Item (Product X)
      • Add-to-cart-Button ( <- not working well )

I checked all current changes and restored several backups to make sure no changes did that. I coulnd’t find anything and so i think it has something to do with the different domains.

Does anybody ever experienced an error like that?

The marked up button in the screenshot is the add-to-cart-button im talking about. It referrs to a free sample product which always has the price of 0€.


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Update: the error was due to a add-to-cart-button bug from Webflow and was corrected immediately. No further action required.