Add Periods in Webflow Url

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Is there any way adding periods in URL like adding it on the webflow developer page like “v2.0.0” this ?

Thank you.

Nope. Webflow only supports lowercase Latin alphabet characters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) in page URLs. This means:

  • Any non-Latin characters inputted in a page slug field are automatically converted to Latin characters. Non-Latin characters will be converted to their sound/pronunciation (i.e., “분홍색” becomes “bunhongsaeg”)
  • Special non-letter/non-number characters (e.g., “!,” “~,” “.,” “&,” etc.) are automatically removed from page slugs
  • All uppercase characters are automatically converted to lowercase characters in page slugs

Just to cover the bases, if this were a critical requirement, you can solve this limitation outside of Webflow with a reverse proxy. However that adds a fair bit of work and complexity, not recommended for most projects.