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Change Collection Item URL with Hyphen


I’m trying to update the URL of my portfolio collection items, and can’t seem to add in a hyphen. Is there a workaround? It seems like such a simple thing that should be able to be done.

Currently the “default” url is “/train-2” because I have multiple items for that client.

I would rather have it say the name + project description, so have it be “/train-soul-sister”

But I can’t add the hyphen between the words. I can only edit with letters and numbers.

This is important because I’m trying to make the switch from Wordpress to Webflow and want my existing work URLs to match up.


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Okay I figured it out!! Apparently I need to type out the entire url, then add the hyphen between each word. Basically you can’t add a hyphen to the end of a URL, so that’s why it was never working as I was typing it out.

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I think using the space bar adds hyphens.

It does!! That’s even easier! Appreciate the quick tip!

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