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How to add a "." (dot) within an URL?

How do I add a dot “.” within a link(Slug)? I am trying to create first a folder and afterwards a page. Both the name of the folder and the name of the page must have a dot.

What WF changes it for:

Every time I write it on the Designer is being deleted, before well-known, and being swap for a - within stellar-toml.

Other option I have tried but gives me more troubles is using the setting custom code Href prefix. There I can add dots but then it uses for every page. So not an option.

The page will contain exclusively a text. No need for anything else, neither the HTML for the body.

Is there an option within Webflow to host that text file .txt or should I do it externally. If so, can I keep my website in WF but hosting that file anywhere else and creating a redirect with Namecheap for the link

Thanks community!

Here is my site Read-Only:

You can upload a txt file the asset folder. You can link to that from anywhere. Webflow does not allow periods in page or collection slugs so you are stuck there.

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