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Add more than 30 fields in collection settings

I just discovered that I can not feed most of my collections, because they no longer have the option for adding further custom fields. :pensive: I have tried to optimize them, but it would be great if you consider expanding number of fields you can have in a collection. :pray: Thank you!


I agree! It’s been a big limitation with a cap of 30

I think that bc there’s conditional visibility now, this should allow for a good UX even if 30+ fields are allowed

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Need this as well. We have some very detailed collections and now I’m stuck as I can’t add more content and it will get worse over time.

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Why is there a maximum of 30 fields allowable in a collection? Is there a reason for this?
I’ve optimised and structured my collections in the best way possible, but 30 fields for detailed reports just doesn’t cut it most of the time.

Please can this be bumped up a bit as it is constantly causing me (and of course others) issues!
Any views @PixelGeek? @brryant

There are technical reasons why we impose this limit (to keep the CMS scalable and fast). If you’d like to DM me your data, I can suggest ways you can reduce the number of fields you’re using

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