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Combine original collection and multi reference | Maximum number of collection field settings

hey guys.
i have a problem with the maximum number of collection field settings. i am working on a portfolio site. i added ten different project details that should display only when selected in the cms backend.

i added ten switches and set the conditional visibility based on the current switch status. that works perfectly well. but after adding more fields to the collection i ran out of possible fields as we can only add 30 at the moment. i read in the forums about structuring data and thought i found a solution. i added another collection called project details and added a multi reference field to my project collection. that works too.

now the problem is that each one of the circles behind the icons should get its color from the original project collection not from the project details collection. how can i achieve that? why is it only possible to set dynamic colours based on the current dynamic list if you’re working on a collection template? i would love to see the options from the original collection here too.

i hope someone can understand what i mean.
bye for now and thanks for your help!

i need more than 20 image fields in my collection… working on a collage now. please help. thank you!