Add CMS item to multiple collection lists

Hello, is there a way to add collection list items to multiple lists, for example I create in a parent list but choose to send it to a child list as well?

Thank you

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Hey Joseph can you be more specific about your example here?
Are you referring to adding a static item to 2 collection lists?

Hi Michael,
For example I have 3 collection lists:
1 list “Members” which contains content for all members,
1 list “Gold Members” which contains content for gold level members,
1 list “Silver Members” which contains content for silver level members.

I want all the content in “Members” to also be added to the gold and silver lists, but not the other way around, without doing this manually. Can this be done?

Thank you for your response

Finsweet CMS Combine can do this-

If you need more flexible layout options, nesting etc, you can use SA5 Layout

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