How do I add more than two Collection Lists for CMS sorting?

Im working on a project to allow more advanced sorting for my clients website, I’m using attributes through Finsweet.

Here is the example I am using as a reference:

My read only link is below to see my progress.

I am unsure how to replicate the format of the box on the right which includes the info: Name of Car, Year, Price then below it has 4 equally laid out items. These are the ones I cannot seem to figure out: Make, Mileage, Location, Fuel Type.

Of course I will be using my own Labels: Size, Brand, Category, Protocol

A few other questions:

  1. I’m using the products in a CMS list and don’t understand why the price doesn’t show a $. Is it because I’m not grabbing the Image and price from the list of ecommerce products and instead am pulling from a CMS list of products? I also can’t add an “add to cart” feature.

  2. I can’t click on the image or info for the product to then be taken to the product preview page. How would you set that up?

**I’m a complete beginner, this is my first website ever and I’m new to webflow and finsweet. Thanks in advance for your help!!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - The Nutrient Fix
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Hi Kristin,

If you have a look at the Finsweet cloneable, you can see the layout and settings they used for that area. FS chose grids for both-

For the price, Finsweet is using a text field that stores the currency formatting as part of the string. I’ve not seen a way to get Webflow to format number fields currencies, though that might change as the localization features roll out.

To solve this, I use Webflow’s built-in formatting to choose the decimal places, and then I apply the currency formatting using the SA5 attributes lib;

That won’t affect how you can display numbers / currencies, but it would be the cause of the “add to cart” problem. If you’re using Webflow’s ecom, then you’d need to use the Products table for things you want to sell.

If you’re using a different ecommerce solution like, or Ecwid, it won’t matter.

You’d need to wrap your product card in a link element, and link it to the item. Note links have inherent formatting so it will probably make your text blue, underlined, etc and you’ll need to override that in your styles on the link element itself.

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WOW!!! That is SO incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for answering all my questions so fully and with screenshots etc. If I could high five you in person I would. Many many thanks!!

Hi @Kristin_B.
Josh with Foxy here. With our seamless Webflow integration, you can use Webflow CMS to manage your products. We support multiple levels of variants and work seamlessly with Jetboost and Fintsweet attributes:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: