Add blog page to ecommerce site

This probably basics, and a stupid question only a WF newbie would ask.
Well, guess what, I am a WF novice. Anyway…

I’m working on an ecommerce site I built from scratch (basically my first project) for a client.
We now want to add a blog page to the ecommerce site.

Of course the idea is that the blog page is designed similarly to the rest of the site (look and feel), so I’m hoping that I won’t have to re-invent the wheel. And it should be simple/clean.

Tutorials I looked at are mostly for creating an “independent” blog site from scratch, not for adding a blog page to a (ecommerce) site. I’m just trying to be smart about it, and to prevent myself from running down another time-consuming rabbit hole.

What’s the best way for me to start/add the blog page to the site?
Do I start with creating a new CMS (blog-?) collection, then design the Blog Post template which (if I’m not mistaken) is then created automatically?
Do I create categories and topics right away, manually?
Generally, what are some of the main considerations when building a blog page?

I’d like to hear from experienced folks what the best way is to approach this in my situation.
Any advice is highly appreciated!


Blog is a blog (With -or- Without ecommerce the steps are 100% the same).

  1. Create blog collection (Add image, date, rich text fields, and so on)
  2. Create “single page” blog page and add collection list (Bind the list data to blog collection):
  3. Go to blog single page add an element and bind the current post data.


Yes. Create separate collection and then bind post X to Category Y:

Clone this free template and learn the idea (Very simple):

-or- youtube this topic (A lot of step by step tutorial available) - For example: