Blog on Ecommerce site – Blog template plus blog home page?

This may sound stupid, but I’m having trouble understanding the blog format if the blog is within a site.
I hope someone here can explain that to a novice like me. Thank you in advance!
And I hope my explanations are not too confusing.

I added a blog (with blog posts in the CMS) to an Ecommerce site.
It automatically created a Blog Template Page.
I designed that template like an overview page with a clickable tab list of all posts.

The idea is to have two different links from other pages on the site to the blog:
a) a link to the blog overview (not to a particular post)
b) a link to a specific blog post (meaning the respective tab will have that post opened)
(see attached images and comments in red)

Do I need to add/create a “real” blog page (in addition to the blog post template page), sort of a blog home page or a page for every single blog to be able to link to it and make it all work?



Hi @Rapha thanks for the good post, no worries, the CMS is easy to use, but is a little different than using other data driven tools as the collection data is integrated to the designer.

I made a quick video on how to create an overview on the blog home page to your individual posts:

In most cases you would create a static page like your Blog Home page, then create a collection list so that you can list blog posts there on the blog home page and link those items shown to individual items on the Blog Post Template.

There is more info in the University on using collection lists and collection pages at

I hope this helps

Hey, thank you so much, Dave, for looking into my messy project, taking the time and posting that instructional video!
I really appreciate that!

I’ll definitely give this a try.
It may as well solve a tab/tab content order issue I’m having (mentioned in an earlier forum post). Fingers crossed.

If I understand correctly it’s almost the reverse of what I started doing. The blog overview/list needs to go on the Blog Home page and the individual posts on the Blog Template page.

I’m not sure if I have to make an entry for each single blog post on the Blog Template page. Probably not. I’m suspicious it works similarly to the Products Template. But I’m sure I’ll find out about that as I go.

Thanks again, Dave!
I’ll report back on how it goes.

I’m super happy to report that it now all works as intended.
You made my day! I can’t thank you enough!!

I still have to do some styling and testing (and may get back to you in the unlikely case that I run into issues I can’t solve myself).

It also solved the issues I had with linking to particular blog posts – and I can now understand why.
Plus, it made the tabs for the blog list redundant (I’m now just using collection lists) and therefore I don’t have to deal with the order of tabs and content anymore.

I’m now pretty confident that I can wrap up that project and hand it over to a happy client soon.

Thanks again, David!

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