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How to add CMS collection to navbar

I have looked everywhere and can’t find an answer to this.

I want to add a CMS collection to the main menu. This CMS collection holds the website’s blog posts.

How do I do this?

Hi @awfout ,

A general the workflow is:

  1. Create CMS collection. I see you have a blog CMS with 1 item (blog post) in it currently.
  2. Create a new page called something like “Blog”.
  3. Add a link to the “Blog” page from your navigation menu.
  4. Edit the Blog page. Drag a “Collection List” from the add panel and link it up to your Blog CMS Collection (purple drop down)
  5. Build and style the the blog collection list
  6. In the settings (gear icon) for many elements on this page, you’ll have link settings option. Select the purple page icon and find something like “current blog post”.
  7. In the pages panel, go to “Blog Template”. Edit this how you want each blog post to appear.
  8. Profit!

Here are two videos which show you how to do this: