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Actual HTML paste inside webflow's structure!

Select any text element (yes even the text element)!
And paste this as text

Click me!

And you’ll get this pasted not as a plain text code, but an actual div with “Click me!” as an inner text!

Assuming there’s now a possibility to add Divs inside Text blocks… this is rather a bug, than a feature


I’m quite sure this is a bug… as you can’t paste other types of tags inside other than divs.

Tried it on a more complex structure — the result is the same — webflow takes only tags but no class names, unfortunately.

I found a pretty good use for such a bug/feature.
A footer code! Which is always needed and is always the same. I just copied footer’s code from the browser’s inspector and pasted it into webflow’s text field.
There are some glitches though, conncted with — I believe — that this is a Text Block, not a DIV. You can’t move nested elements, etc.

And no HREFs! The links are A’s, but have no HREF, you need to write the url manually.

I suggest not abusing this bug though - if it gets fixed in the future you may not be able to edit whatever you pasted into the div, or some other weird stuff may cause your project to break.