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Account plan and features question

I am thinking about investing time in learning Webflow more in-depth. Right now I have a 2 site plans. So, I am wondering if you have an account plan can you play with all the features without paying a monthly price for a site plan?

I am thinking out loud here, I may want to test e-commerce features, and right now to play around with e-commerce features and embed features, I would need to start paying a monthly e-commerce plan or a site plan to test and try things out. So, I am wondering if the account plans allows you to access all the features while in staging mode.

I understand when you add a domain or publish to a domain you need to pay a site plan.

If what I described is not possible, what do most Webflow experts or people on a learning path normally do?

Thank you.

Hey Ryan,

I just tested this out, and it looks like even on a Basic plan account (without paying for an account plan), you can add eCommerce features to your site and test out the functionality. That means you would be able to customize your product pages, category pages, checkout, etc., while also testing some of the advanced functionality such as inventory management, discounts, and more.

The limitation of a Free Account vs. a Paid Account is the number of static pages that you can have (free accounts are limited to two (2) on staged sites, while Lite and Pro accounts can have up to 100), and all Account plans allow you 50 CMS items without a site plan. Lite and Pro accounts also allow you to have more staged projects, which are sites that do not have a Site plan attached, and would only be accessible by their domain. On the free plan you can have 2 sites staged, Lite can have 10, and Pro unlimited. Here is a link to the full break down of the different Account plans.

Let me know if you have any other questions! :smiley:

Thanks Tyler. I tried to insert the embed field, and some other things, I can’t remember what, I’ll test when I am on my computer again, but I couldn’t do it without being on a site plan.

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