Accordion not working

My Accordion isn’t working. I have followed the video tutorial, however I can’t get it to work. I plan to have this in a CMS collection so I am not sure if that makes any difference. Any help is really appreciated.

Excuse my site being a mess at the moment.


Hi @AlfieWright

I had a quick look at your page and I am not certain where you want the accordion, how you were planning to do it and what tutorial you used… Please provide further info so we can try and help!

Sorry. I want the ‘Your Assignments’ section to have the accordion. When the user clicks the ‘View Assignment’ trigger/button, it should display the ‘Assignment More Detail’ Div, however, this interaction is not working.

Here is the tutorial I watched:

Anything else you need to know I am happy to answer. Thanks for the help!

The issue is first that if you will make the interaction the way that you want once you click “view assignment” all of the assignments open - not only one - that is because in CMS each item will have the same interaction…
If you want to achieve that each individual button opens only one you can do it with custom code quite easily… in fact I had a very similar issue myself and I had @sam-g help me…

check it out - it has all the code to make it work for you. LMK if you need additional help


Thanks for your help! I will take a look.