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Accordion/Dropdown Interaction Not Working

Hey everyone!

I’ve been having issues trying to get this FAQ accordion-style menu to work on the about page. At first I was following the Webflow tutorial “Create a custom accordion.” And it had worked at first, but as I kept working on the site, I noticed that a day or two later the interaction was not working. I kept re-trying the design, deleting it and creating it again, but the interaction would not work. Sometimes it would show properly when you presses the ‘Preview’ button, but it wouldn’t work on a the preview or the published site.

I then tried to clone multiple different accordions from other people’s cloneable projects, but they would not work either on this project. My site linked at the bottom of this post currently has an FAQ element copied, pasted, and unedited into the about page from this project:

Any help would be appreciated, I just started using Webflow, so apologizes if it’s just a simple fix or just me completely overlooking something.

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: