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Accordion not opening with linked text to CMS

Hey guys,

So im dealing with a problem in my project template CMS. In the content section, which is an Accordion, where you see the subjects “Défi”, “Insight”, “Solution”, “Impact”, the accordion body has a text section that refers to the CMS (Get text from…), but it seems like my opening and closing animations on each accordion doesn’t work. in fact, it doesn’t open anything and no text appears.

Each subject is an accordion, which has an Accordion Header (title/heading) which then has an accordion body with text as it’s content (this text is linked to the CMS)

bassicaly, it works in the live preview but not the published site. anyone have fixes for this, when interactions work on live preview but not published site?

Please help me out guys! Thank you!
PS. i will respond fast so don’t be shy to ask for any other needed information

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @Anthony_Boisclair and welcome. Text is not showing only on projects where “defi” and other fields doesn’t have any text content. If you check “Une nouvelle image pour Finance toi mieux” that have content all works just fine. All you have to do is to add content. :wink:

you can easily swap between article pages here

CleanShot 2021-03-30 at 20.09.58

See but the thing is I do have content for the text boxes… and it is properly linked within every accordion body text. Its not not showing up… or am i doing something else wrong?

Thank you for the fast reply!

Hi @Anthony_Boisclair sorry I just forget to mention to unhide your content :wink:

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How do I do that? It already seems to be unhidden

You are awesome!!

Thank you so much!!!

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Can you try and help me with my other opened request here?