Access Group Limits (20) - Can I have more?

I wondered if it was possible to have more than 20 access groups?

Brief: I was looking to create a custom access group for each of my customers clients where they could house secure documents.

Thoughts: I think one alternative work around would be to have a shared password protected page but this isn’t the actual goal.

More: The actual website I’m working on isn’t a major project so no point saying you get more than 20 on a custom enterprise account but it’s hard to understand if the limitation on 20 is still present on CMS or Business etc. Just detailing a little further the scenario is: 4-5 users of one company can access a single page housing secure docs personal to the company. There would however be more than 20 companies (80 would do…). Would love to hear any work arounds as well!

Hi Josh, access groups were intended to represents groups, like bronze, silver, gold membership levels- not individual users. You might see what support has to say though, you never know.

It looks like Webflow will not be adding any User-level gating options, so there is no private space for individual logins, and the /user-account page doesn’t really count in any meaningful way.

For the ability to create user-specific views, dashboards, etc. most people go with Memberstack or Wized at present. Hopefully Webflow will extend Memberships into this space someday.


I knew of Memberstack but wanted it to be housed on Webflow + couldn’t find Memberstacks page on specific user content which I have now found - link.

I didn’t know about Wized though that looks much more complicated but also exciting!

A good way to put it, and what you’re building sounds more in the direction of an application. Uploading & managing documents, listing documents, avoiding data exposure through the CMS, searching…