Role-Based Document Access in Webflow

Hello, I’d like to know if it’s possible to create the following in Webflow:

I need to create free user access where, depending on their role, they can view different information. The information consists of a document repository, and the idea is to have these documents hosted within Webflow, with all the resource management done without leaving Webflow. I’m not sure if this is possible with Logic.

I’ve been checking other posts and videos that use Memberstack, Wize, and similar tools, but I’d like to explore other options.

Thank you!

Yes, for very basic gated content functionality you can use Webflow’s built in users functionality. Restrict your repository pages/elements by role & assign roles manually, on signup, or w/ on event w/ Logic.

For anything more complex, I’d recommend Memberstack.

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Just to chime in from Memberstack’s side, you could easily achieve this using free plans in Memberstack

Hello @Julian_Galluzzo :slight_smile:

Reviewing the project requirements, we have identified that with Webflow, we cannot have more than 20 user groups, as the idea is that each user group can see different information. Therefore, the option of using Memberstack is interesting. Could you tell me if it is possible to do this and if there are any limitations? Is it possible with the free plan, as you mentioned?

We want to display certain information, documents, and images that may be hosted on Drive.

Thank you very much.

OK, from what I’ve seen in this video, the idea is to create a free plan for each user group, right? If we have 50 clients, and each client has between 1 and 5 users, I’ll have to create 50 different plans, each of which will display unique and personalized information. Is that correct?

Hey Jaime!

Yes it is possible to do, but just to be clear, I meant it can be done by creating free plans - not that it can be done with the free Memberstack plan :slight_smile: