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About the "id" in the html tag

Hello guys,

I have a serious question about the id that can be found on the tag of every webflow page. As far as I could understand this id is useful to manage the forms.

So, because I want to manage the forms myself, I tried to remove that id. What happens is that all the javascript components from webflow do not work anymore (as tabs, or map widgets). In previous versions of the webflow.js file (before “IX interactions”) there was no such problem.

In the end, to solve the problem of form management, I just modified every form related class. Even though I would really like to know what that id is really about? does it send some information to webflow other than the ones related to forms? What are they?

I had these questions in my mind after reading this in the webflow.js file :
" * Other scripts may access this api using an async handler:

  • var Webflow = Webflow || ;
  • Webflow.push(readyFunction);


Hi, just to clarify, are you saying that if you remove the data-wf-site tag from your html, the id that identifies your site in Webflow, that if you remove that tag, your Tabs and your Map Widgets are not working?

That tag identifies your site in Webflow, so for example, if you wanted to export the HTML, if you keep this tag in the html, and the site is active in the dashboard, you can still receive form submissions and the javascript validations will continue to work. Without the data-wf-site tag, any form validations and form submissions will not work, but I was not aware that your tabs and maps would not work… so we need to check this out to see if it is a bug, or if something else going on. Can you share your site url?

Cheers, Dave