Data-wf-site tag animations

Hey, my site stopped working properly after deleting Data-wf-site and data-wf-page tags from my exported code.

I found this topic Data-wf-site and data-wf-page tags but I don’t want Webflow to host my form data collection.

After deleting this tag, all the animations (interactions) stops working.

Hi @tomasmarek!
Thanks for sharing your issue and congrats on your first post.

The topic you referenced is from 2015 so it is a little stale. You need those tags in your source for Interactions. Replace them and you will be back in business.

Webflow no longer handles form processing on external sites, but you can integrate form handling with forms you create in Webflow and third-party form processors.

Let us know if you need more help!


Thank you so much for your help @webdev

I have another question related with Data-wf-site tag. Currently I am using Lite plan and the question is.

If I create a website, export HTML/CSS+js to 3rd party back-end developers am I dependent on any Webflow server data in the future? Will the front-end output work if my subscription expires? Or when I delete a project from a dashboard?

For example, I want to build front-end for bigger e-commerce projects. I want to export code and sell it to 3rd party developers so they can use it for their own Content Management System. Then I want to delete the project from a dashboard. I need to answer this question because I can get into financial trouble :innocent:

Yes, once you export the code it is independent. I assume you’re not talking about cms items just in case - those aren’t exported.

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Wow, I appreciate the quick answer. Yeah, just Front-end HTML/CSS+js with all the working styles and interactions.

Yes, it is completely safe to delete the project. Just make sure you’re 100% certain you won’t need any additional tweaks your client may ask you to do a couple of months after the deletion!

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