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What does the custom <html> tag do?

What does this actually mean in my Webflow html output:

Do I need it once I’ve exported out of Webflow and finishing off manually myself?

Can I revert to for code efficiency?

it tells the browser

  • the current document is an html document

Do not remove it.

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what I mean is do I have to leave in the whole string i.e.:

Or can I just reduce it to

Hi @webdesignessex, those attributes data-wf-site and data-wf-page are used if you will be having your external site communicate to Webflow servers for the purposes of storing form submissions. There may be other features in the future that also use these tags. If you want to completely sever a connection to Webflow, these tags can be removed.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

CyberDave already responded… but I’ll add…

a little piece of added info can very useful :smile:

Oops… slight error - since you can have multiple websites in your account…

  • it doesn’t actually identify “you”… it identifies the website.

I’m not sure how WF knows different users on a team account though ?

They could share the same site id… or have a unique id per website / per user ?

THanks for that information. I don’t need the webflow data then since I’m taking the site out of this software and building further away from this platform.

Thanks again.