About Mouse link box of bottom section


On below-mentioned page link bottom section below " We love to share
our experiences" title mouse link box is not working properly. when I move my mouse mouse link box is not moving with curser. Please guide me how to resolve this

Page Link = Webflow - Dickensonworld 2.0

Mouse link section which facing issue

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Tried playing around with it. I think i fixed it

It’s about defining the height and width in the interaction

  1. You gotta define the height of the box in the Y-axis (so the starting position is 1px and the end position is 180px)
  2. Then, for the X axis, I used 90 VW as the width of the container

Plus, I used mouse hover over viewport interaction. Seemed to work. Don’t know why lol

Check the loom video below

If anyone knows a better way, I’ll be more than happy to learn

Hello AliSaeed,

I have tried which you shared with me but now its taking too much space between Mouse curser & link Box. Please check & guide me on it. I need same link box functionality of team link box hover functionality which is above this section.


Hi Sattar,

I tried so many ways of getting that exact same function that happens with the team link box. I just started Webflow and thought to try to help you out. Can’t seem to work exactly as you want. I don’t know why

This is the way I tried which had the smallest space between the mouse and the link box

Let me know if you fixed it. Would love to learn it


I want same mouse hover functionality on " We love to share our experiences " Section. Now its not perfect mouse hover. getting space between mouse arrow & circle mouse link box.

Please give me solution on it.