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Interaction won't work

Hi everyone, I did an interaction for mouse hover on a slider (services) , and when I play the animation in interactions it works but when I preview it, it doesn’t show up, nothing happens. I can’t figure out what’s wrong or if I messed up somewhere if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Here is my public share link:

I think its to do with layers.
if you have something over the top of something else i.e. pannel wrapper when you move the mouse over it nothing happens.
I got it to work by moving the interaction to trigger on mouse hover on the s.s

If this works click the heart and solution.

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You can also try to publish it and see if it will work. Only saying as my experience with preview is that you CAN’T relay on it as some things are working and some are NOT. I always rather publish to see results and behaviour