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Mouse move over element not working

Hi guys !

In the work page when i hover over the element in the card it is supposed to rotate on x and y axis and was working fine until however when i made the horizontal scroll section and added my card to that half of it disappears on hover and is still sort of interacting with the hover on xy axis but thats not what i want… if you know whats causing the issues please let me know

Here is my public share link:


I have a similar issue

I have a header with 3 layers under it. When I move the mouse in viewport, I want the layers to follow the mouse movement along the x and the y axis. It seems to do this correctly, although - the animation is super jumpy. It looks like it can’t have an x and y value at the same time, instead it jumps between the x value and the y value.

I want it to be similar to the rotation animation here, but with movement instead of rotation: