Mouse Interaction

Hello folks,
I am building a custom CTA, where I have a custom mouse move interaction. The problem I am facing is the mouse moment is not correct. I want my interaction to move according to the mouse moment.

Home page > before footer (Let’s start building)

When I hover over that particular section one circle up says DM me. That circle is not behaving properly. If you keep that particular section in the middle of the screen it works perfectly fine.
As soon as I scroll it doesn’t behave well.

If you guys can help me build this, that will be a great help.
Readonly Link: Click here

Adding Image for reference:

Thanks Atharv.

Your “Infinite scroll - mouse” interaction seems to be placed as a page trigger interaction, but should instead be placed as a “mouse move over element” interaction on the CTA contact section.

Also, change its VH & VW movement to % and it should work correctly :slight_smile:

I have changed it from page trigger to mouse move over element & % also.
But It not moving with my mouse now.

Any idea @robingranqvist

Yeah, percentages maybe wasn’t the best idea. Try fiddle around a bit with the settings, for example, the x-axis could go from -100vw to 100vw, while the y-axis could be an approximation of the viewport height of the section itself (-25vh to 25vw maybe).

Hey it works, What I have done is the width is in vw and the height is in -100% to 100%.
Thanks for this @robingranqvist .

I have one more question, I saw your lenis scroll video on YT, and I am trying to figure out about horizontal scroll to a particular section. I whole home page is working fine except the project section.
I have seen the Github but when I tried to put that orientation in horizontal but didn’t work.

Any idea how to apply to a particular section?

I’ve set width using vw and height from -100% to 100%. I watched your Lenis scroll video, seeking help with horizontal scrolling on a specific section. My homepage works flawlessly.