About best practices: which way is better, create individual pages or CMS pages


I’m just wondering about which way is better for performance and to keep the content organized.

I have a project and the client has a lot of features in their product, and the features are being added fast. Since the begin, I was creating each feature page as an individual page, a regular one, filled by a bunch of symbols, highlighting the feature advantages.

But, actually, I’m thinking about to move the creation of this pages to a CMS, instead to create each one almost from scratch.

There is a few points to consider, first one:

  1. the SEO and general performance. CMS is better or worse?

  2. I will recreate the symbols in the CMS by adding the field to be filled directly. Like: the title of a feature, the content and the image. Having said that, symbols are better than this approach?

  3. And the last topic, but not less important, is about the possibility to create a subcategory on CMS page. Like: Logistic (as main feature) > Logistic Routing (as sub feature). The idea here is to divide the product features in groups, considering an family logic.

Hope to hear from you soon, guys!


Hey Andre, I’m curious about this as well. Were you able to resolve this? Did you end up using a CMS to create feature pages? Would be great to know about how performance has been. Thanks.

Hi there, for both - I’d imagine that utilising the CMS would be the way to go for this.

Using the reference/multi-references could achieve the subcategories you were after and the collections would definitely help organise things much easier.

The limitation will be customisation if some products/features have different elements but there’s also work arounds for this.

Re: SEO, we don’t push the agenda too much but have never experienced any issues or better/worse performances using CMS versus static. Being mindful of sound SEO practices, slugs, setting up fields for meta titles/descriptions etc may be a way to keep some customisation but still achieve good, sound SEO.

Hope this helps!

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