About best practices: which way is better, create individual pages or CMS pages


I’m just wondering about which way is better for performance and to keep the content organized.

I have a project and the client has a lot of features in their product, and the features are being added fast. Since the begin, I was creating each feature page as an individual page, a regular one, filled by a bunch of symbols, highlighting the feature advantages.

But, actually, I’m thinking about to move the creation of this pages to a CMS, instead to create each one almost from scratch.

There is a few points to consider, first one:

  1. the SEO and general performance. CMS is better or worse?

  2. I will recreate the symbols in the CMS by adding the field to be filled directly. Like: the title of a feature, the content and the image. Having said that, symbols are better than this approach?

  3. And the last topic, but not less important, is about the possibility to create a subcategory on CMS page. Like: Logistic (as main feature) > Logistic Routing (as sub feature). The idea here is to divide the product features in groups, considering an family logic.

Hope to hear from you soon, guys!