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Ability to upload/store files, code, PDF's, images, etc

Hi @bsetter, new features are being planned for the Asset Manager, but I do not have an ETA when the option to upload files will be available.

Keep tuned, this is still an update that myself and others are looking forward to !

Another request for the ability to upload downloadable files on to Webflow server. C’mon guys – this is a fairly basic piece of functionality. Thanks!

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Do you have a concrete schedule on adding the uploading/storing files options?

This is important for App developers as the IOS App indexing required a downloadable link directly from the domain.


Applebot can only crawl in this format.

Hi @Simplyfun, there is not ETA for this yet, so the best method to use downloadable files is still to use a CDN like dropbox etc.

The dev team working on the asset manager knows about this, and this functionality is coming, but I do not have the release information yet.

Hi, looking forward to an attachments feature being added to webflow. I would like to be able to add an upload pdf feature to cms collections.

Do we have an ETA yet? This is a deal breaker for me using Webflow as I work with primary schools with an overwhelming volume of PDF’s…I would have thought the launch of CMS would have made this even easier for you to implement…light at the end of the tunnel please :grinning:

…also…better asset management with folders??

I suppose if I export the site and host it myself I can use containers with a custom code iframe to load my own pages into the iframe to give visitors access to the pdf’s etc.Still a bit of messing around but cleaner than using Amazon or Dropbox. My own pages should still get indexed for content. I’ll have to play around and see how feasible this is.

PLEASE add this feature as soon as possible! I have clients who want new websites and this feature is important to them. The current client I am building a site for will not be happy that I have to host his forms off site. It makes his site look unprofessional.


What the – this is still not implemented ??

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I desperately want this feature. My OCD is making me cringe having to put my client’s content (video background) on my One Drive account.

When is the asset manager being overhauled? Everyone knows it’s coming, but has it undergone user acceptance testing yet?

This would actually let me host my client’s CMS site on Webflow.


+1 i would love for this feature to be implemented.


Please implement an ability to store PDFs!! it’s a must for many businesses.


+1 looking forward or this feature.

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I agree, this is a very high priority feature.


Hurry hurry, fingers are crossed that this is coming soon!

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+1 We have a site ready to launch for a client, and just discovered that we can’t host the PDFs within their domain. Aargh. Might need to scrap the Webflow project altogether and use a different platform. Please, please enable this capability ASAP.


I think I mentioned many times as well before. About 40% of my clients currently need some kind of file hosting, even if it’s just small files (under 5 MB). Especially PDFs are much requested! It’s really a MUST!


We are currently working on an awesome new version of the Asset Manager. We don’t have an ETA, but it’s coming out quite nicely. We’ve been listening to everyones suggestions and feedback on the current version.

Don’t worry. When we release this, you guys will love it :wink:


Can I add support for .txt file uploads to this list?