File upload support for Asset Manager

I would like to upload files so that the user can download my PDF by clicking into the button.

I’ve made the link and the button, but it’s seems too easy to just put the name of the PDF into the href. What am I missing?

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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The best way to do this is add your file to your Dropbox account and get a link. Then add that link to a button.

Thank you Thesergie ! I’ll try this tomorrow.

You guys did such an amazing job, thank you again and keep it up !


If I’m downloading the HTML and putting the HTML files on my server, what is the proper way to have the user click a button and then the .PDF be downloaded (which is being hosted on my site - so no need to worry about dropbox)

Currently it opens the PDF in another targeted browser, but I’m wanting to have the file be directly downloaded upon button click to their downloads folder, what am I doing wrong or what is the best way to get the code to do this?

Here is the URL if it helps >

thxs @thesergie

Hey @clickryan - just a quick thing on the site you linked to - make sure to remove the Slate “phone” background image, since it loads temporarily before the main hero image loads. Otherwise it’s just taking up precious bytes over the wire and looks strange :smile:

@Matthieu @thesergie If I’m not mistaking, this will load the pdf in another window. If you want to have users download it right away, you can use Direct Link (hotlink) services like (although I wouldn’t recommend them specifically, cause last them I’ve used their service, the end-users got the Trovi search-spam as a hidden gift)

Html5 download attribute does it tho it work only for chrome, ff & (latest) opera.

 <a href="mypdftodownload.pdf" download>Download my pdf here</a>

Try @pastiwibawa’s method and add class="classname1 classname2 in the <a> tag. Otherwise there is no other way at the moment to download directly from the page without linking to another page (until we allow file uploads down the road).

I feel something new is coming! a “Download Element”! Upload your PDF or Wordfile make a button or link and ready!!!

Hi @thesergie

Do you mind providing a little more detail in regards to your post from April 19 on how to put a downloadable PDF on to a website?

I have designed a web page . . .

Webflow published link:

And here is the public link:

I used the following link to open the PDF in a new window:

However it only opens in Chrome. Do you have any suggestions?

Secondary to that the file opens super slowly, it is about 1.5mb, I can make it smaller however is that normal?

Thanks in advance.
Melissa :smile:

Hi Melissa! The problem is that Chrome automatically loads all PDF’s inside the browser. All other file types will open a Save As window to save that file onto the computer. So I’m not sure if there’s a way to display the window vs making the user download the PDF. The good thing is there’s a Save button on the bottom right of the Chrome PDF viewer, but that may not be ideal.

I just did this and it was actually really easy. Use the Dropbox link they give you when you click “share”, then change “dl=0” to “dl=1” at the end of the url. See this webpage for clarification:

If you are using something else besides Dropbox, it seems like all you have to do is add on a “?dl=1” at the end of the url.

So I suggest you try using the following as your link:

Hey @Aliceb, u rock!!! u just solve my problem!!!

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@thesergie @webflow Because of this VERY surprising and earth-shattering article announced today that will take effect today, I’m now scrambling to get my hosting situation adjusted. Because of this, I might start hosting with Webflow (which I know was you guys’ plan), but I do NOT want to do the link-from-Dropbox-or-Drive thing, considering that would get far too complicated (i.e. I might accidentally delete or archive a live file without any contextual association with a live site). Therefore, it’s important that Webflow add the feature to store files with a site hosted with you guys, so the file is both 1) associated with that website, and 2) served from the site’s domain.

When will that feature be added? Help!


@jonreese we actually just reverted that change for current users so only new users will be affected. Read here for more info: New Form Submissions Policy

Regarding the asset management - yeah for sure that’s the plan! We’re planning on working on it soon but no ETA :beers:

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Thank you @thesergie! Truly appreciate you guys, and will continue to be a loyal brand evangelist for Webflow.

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I had assumed that this was a feature already… a bit annoying that it’s not. :frowning:

not ‘a bit’ annoying. it is a huge pain.

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Why not try ?

I am trying to upload a safari extension file to our website built on Webflow. I need to do this since Apple mandates the developer to have link of the downloadable extension on the developers website.

We cannot release our safari extension since webflow doesn’t support uploads. Can someone help me out here? This is very critical to our product release.