Ability to translate system messages to other languages

Hello guys! Some of the system messages can’t be edited by us. I’d like to suggest you to let the user edit it so it could be translated to other languages as well. Example below of the message that should be able to be edited/translated according to the website language:

this has already been answered here:

Great question, @andy!

Have you tried Localize yet? Here’s our setup guide for Webflow => https://localizejs.com/docs/integrations/webflow

We make it really easy to translate your Webflow site (including form validations and system messages!). Here’s why:

– User-friendly editor to translate or review content.
– Add collaborators to help with the project
– Get real-time quotes from professional translation instantly. Place orders in a click.
– Quick Import/Export of content
– Automatic translation of all updates and changes.

Easy setup – be done in minutes.
Great support – quick response time.
All Languages – even the rare ones!
Free trial – zero risk.
Low cost – affordable for any budget.

Reach out to our support team anytime. We’re happy to help guide you through setup! => Support@LocalizeJS.com