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Change message in a Form


i would like to know if i can change the messages “Please fill out this field” and “Please iclude an “@” in the email address”.

Is this possible?

Thank you very much

Hi @ollo! I think you’re referring to this:


Currently Webflow relies on the browser’s validation, so this cannot be changed. It may look different in different browsers as well.

Oh ok! My website is in spanish that why i wanted to change it, maybe i will be in spanish for the people who configure their internet browser in spanish aswell then!

Than you for your answer!

Great question! According to the validation message changes to fit the user’s local language. So all’s good!

Also in that article it shows you how to customize that text by adding Javascript to your site (caution: language will not change if you customize it).

Thanks! very helpull!

Tested, it’s localized. Here in French.

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Hey guys,

It’s alright except the french doesn’t really make sense. At least in @vincent 's example, it’s like saying ; Please “inform” this field.
Any chance this could be customizable in a near future? @thesergie


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