How to localize form success/error messages

Hey all,

We’ve recently purchased Webflow’s new “Localization” feature. We’ve successfully translated most parts of our website. However, we can’t seem to find how to translate the success and error messages of Webflow Forms. Anyone got a tip?


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Hey Jan, you should be able to select the form, go to form settings, and switch to success / error states to see those messages.

To my knowledge, they’re simply standard text elements, so localization should be trivial.

Hey! I am having the same problem. When you change the form’s state to Success in your primary locale and go to the second locale it shows you the Normal state. And it is not possible to change the form’s state from there…

Has anyone successfully defeated it?

I would have expected that you still have the settings panel and the ability to change the form state, when you’re in a secondary locale.

If not, can you at least right click the success message element in the nav and localize it?
Not perfect but might do the trick at least for a machine translation.

Yes, I ended up right clicking and “Translate to English”. It did the trick although it is far from optimal, because you can’t see success message in your second locale in webflow. You’ll have to verify it in production.

Hey guys!

This is not good for me, because i would like to translate it to Hungarian and the auto feature is not good.

How can i edit the message?

Here’s a workaround;