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A local date format?

Hi everybody!

I’ve created a site located in Croatia and being in need of a proper date format to be included in the collection date options/field type. There’s also need for the blog archive monthly/yearly list.

Any ideas? Maybe a work around?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


What is the proper date format you’re looking for?

@PixelGeek, thank you for your reply.

Sorry for the incomplete request post - that is dd/mm/yyyy format that I need. Or much better: any option that allow me to put into the Croatian month names.

Hey @Karmen

I made a post here about formatting different dates/times as you wish:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@Waldo, thank you very much. Please, could you resend the links that you put in the refferred post. Those ones doesn’t work no more. I would appreciate it a lot, just to be sure in your proposition.

Hey @Karmen thank you so much for pointing that out, the links were broken :/, but now they work !

Here’s an example of different date formats, but simply pulling in date, month, year separately from each other, and putting dashes and slashed between them as you’d like.

Here’s a link to view it in Webflow: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/date-and-time-formats?preview=66280975e41d237790ccb0eef50b195a

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Thank you @Waldo for all that help.

Folowing your suggestion I’ve just found a solution that works fine for me - by adding a plain text field in the Blog collection, supported with the help text about the desired format to be fill in.

You can see it here, in the Croatian - at the red line under the post title: http://muze-doo-muses-ltd.webflow.io

Awesome @Karmen ! :smiley: Nice work!!! :smiley:

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here’s a screenshot of the topic, just for a reference:


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