Ability to limit number of items in multi-reference collection

This is essentially a duplicate of this post, but since it has been a couple of years since it was posted, and I want to bump this, to bring attention to the fact we need this feature! I’m not sure why collections lack the ability to limit number of items when multi-reference is used, but it’s quite inconvenient. Going into this project I had assumed I’d be able to limit items just like a normal collection, so it was a disruptive surprise and I am going to have to code my implement my own pagination to make the ‘related posts’ work properly now.


I’m really confused on what you mean. Do you have a share link or screenshots to explain more in detail? For most issues there is a workaround.

Yes, I totally agree @sven109. It’s really strange that a multi-reference collection doesn’t have the same abilities as a normal collection list. We have ended up using javascript to limit or remove entries.

Hope your repost brings new attention to the subject.

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