Ability to limit a multi-reference collection

I’m trying to make multiple multi-reference collections flow together nicely in a flexbox list.
The way I’m trying to solve this is to limit the multi-reference lists to one item and have multiple lists.

Is it not possible to set “limit” parameter to a multi-reference collection?

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/heimkunnskap?preview=e0137caebc6f58ea202e7136800abac2

Link to the page with the list:



I just ran into this problem, myself when creating a ‘related posts’ section. Apparently in 2019 multi-reference collection lists still lack ALL of the limit/filter/sort/paginate options that regular collection lists have, and I really don’t know why they haven’t implemented support for that because ‘related posts’ are just like any other collection and can have a varying number of items. Obviously we want to do the same things as with a regular collection list, but at the very least being able to limit the number of items would be ideal. I have to implement my own pagination since this is lacking.

I posted a ‘bump’ for this issue since it’s been some time, here.