A New Butcher Website

Hi all,

Thought I’d share one of my latest Webflow creations. Always good to hear what you guys and girls think.

On a side note, the client is so happy with how the CMS works for him - well played Webflow! :clap:




That’s how a butcher website should look!

Lots of imagery with overlaying text. Gives it a premium look.

Maybe another section before the footer with a split screen displaying the shop front.

Overall, great effort and I look forward to seeing more from you :+1:

Thank you for those kind words @nwdsha!

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Great use of the high quality images on this site. Good job!

Oh my, great, and great pictures :smiley:

Detail: after reading the site, seeing the address in the footer, checking the About us page, I still have no idea on what city of what state of what country this butcher is :slight_smile:

@Mwdstudio Great site! What size did you make the images ? I like how they are the entire wide of the screen.

I think the “Offer of the Month” get a little lost with the lighter image in the background. Maybe put a transparent box behind the text in the meat section?

And the videos are pretty large and blurry. Maybe use a column and place the text besides the videos instead of on top?

Looks great! Keep up the beautiful work!

@Mwdstudio looks awesome! I would recommend using Flexbox’s stretch features to vertically stretch the “How To Videos” column to fit the same height as the adjacent box.

Great work!

Thank you all for your kind words & thoughts!

Great points on the videos, I will look into this. @average_joe The main images on the homepage slider are 1200x800 but the images are so crisp they still look good on a large screen too.