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New Portfolio Site - Share your feedback!

Hey Webflow!

This is my first exploration into Webflow and I wanted to share it with the community and get some feedback. I’m still tinkering with the mobile versions however I think I may just go with a minimal/bare bones approach with the smaller screen sizes.

Preview Portfolio Site

I started several tutorials on YouTube and lots of trial and error. Each day I’ve been messing with it I learn something new or something gets better understood but I am in love with the builder. The biggest challenge I’m currently having is trying to fully control the size of the looping mp4 videos. Ideally I would have a video within a Div and other PNGs overlayed but I’m still having some issues.

Thank you guys for taking the time to view my work and please, if you see any bugs or structural issues that could be simplified, I’m open to anyone willing to help. Thanks!


Loved the “MEAT” project. Smart humor :grinning:

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Thanks @shokoaviv ! It was def a fun project and thought I’d get to eat that 60$ worth of steak but it wasn’t so appetizing after hours under the lights haha

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Gorgeous work buddy !!! :+1:

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