A gallery CMS based website with remote dynamic images

Hi All, David here. I’m a publisher and artist, and I run the Tiny Art Gallery (tinyartgallery.org).

I am planning a reworked and updated website to be hosted by WF. However, I have a lot of questions about if I can make everything work correctly.

The site is for a physical gallery (tinyartgallery.org), but needs to display gallery info and photo galleries for this location and for other physical locations - so a main page and two gallery pages for each new physical location. Right now it will be for two locations but could need to be 5-6 in the next couple months, and I’d like to build for possible future expansion.

Images will be emailed to me and I’ll resize and upload them to the relevant location’s image folder - remote folders on another site (since WF doesn’t seem to be the best place to store, correct me if I’m wrong). I’m currently doing this through a workflow from my phone, which works pretty well for one or two locations, but with more will be difficult. If the image resize and upload could be done through a webform that would be ideal.

I’d like to eventually have the ability for gallery locations to post their own blogs, but that’ll be later on.

So, my questions are:

Dealing with images - possible to sort by folder and display images dynamically (ex: just uploaded a new image to a folder, reload and it’s displayed)?

Adding new locations from a template? - Create how it looks with template for all locations, plug in the new location’s info and pages get created and galleries read from the correct remote folders.

Any suggestions, clarification, answers, would be greatly appreciated.