Hero image gallery from Muse to WebFlow

Hi, can anyone advise, I could no find the answer to this on the forum, so i case I missed it I am sorry. I have a lot of web pages designed in Muse that have a tabbed interface, with each tab containing a Responsive Hero Image Gallery. It works really well, a good fast workflow, I just duplicate each gallery, paste it into another tab or page, open the .CSV file that the gallery is sourcing all the image info from, I change the thumbnail image urls the same for the full size image location and voila, I can have 100 images in a responsive gallery that can be changed by anyone with access to the .CSV file. Here is the issue. I I want to move all my clients sites across to a web flow platform, still hosted on my own servers, so I wont have the CMS capability from WebFlow Hosting. How do I do it? The thought of rebuilding up to 40 galleries some containing nearly 100 images each again would take me forever? Appreciate any help with this. Thanks, Darren