A Blog platform that uses webflow themes. Will it fly?

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So I decided to start this thread. I’m working on a blog platform that uses webflow themes. Think of it as a Bring Your Own Theme (BYOT) blogging system. Based on some of the threads here I have a hunch it might fly. This thread is here to see whether it’s worth keeping up the effort.


If your platform requires the sites to be hosted on it, it’s not going to be any different than one that Webflow could bring by itself. But if your system allows for self hosting, it could be interresting for some (:

@pigeonflight you might want to go a bit more in detail if people want to be interested.

We know Webflow is working on a CMS themselves, even though that’s taking almost a year. I’m not sure I agree with @vincent, if you take care of easy hosting AND one-click-import, I’d be very much interested!

PM me if you need more info.

I’m a bit slacker on my project and it’s because I need to create different roles within the blogging and membership. That’s why I decided to sign for Drupal instead of Wordpress, but I’m a little frustrated and it’s in part because of a lack in the theming that makes all blogs seem the same… you know.
It would be nice to adopt Webflow’s easy interface to set this up and get an awesome blog there.
Although, I’m not pretty sure on how strong and flexible would this be, compared to the well known systems I mentioned.
Keep it in mind, @pigeonflight pigeonflight.

@jcawoopa, @Diu, @vincent the feedback is appreciated.
Here’s our most recent “experiment” built with our “bring your own webflow theme” approach http://ixora.link

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Hey @pigeonflight, nice start.

I can see that you’ve made a portal with user login and all that, but can you show us a bit more what a potential customer could/can do?


@Diu I’m working on a video demo for some time next week which captures the key capabilities, whatever you see will probably be a snapshot as we’re constantly improving the integration, it’s something that we actively use ourselves now for all our projects.


I’d be very grateful if you could explain how you made the page http://ixora.link/blog
Waiting for updates

I’ve been really silent on all of this, just wondering if there’s still interest in something like this.