A 2016 Consensus FROM ABOVE About Dealing With Webflows Old World 960/width

First thing first, awesome platform I actually been on and off since its inception, with that out the way lets get to the guts of our options with having to overcome this 960 old world size confinement, Its clear its been in the works to resolve it, from what I have read since back back in the days, but I also see the greatness you have pushed forward.

My question is for a final consensus, 1, 2, 3 ways we can overcome this pain point, we need a great blog post on how to workaround, hack, chop up and resolve this, yes there are plenty of answers, almost all of them leaving us with more questions. I believe this matter deserves a place of its own, not scattered in riddles and outdated possibilities and somewhat trial and error stories.

We need maybe a video where you can show us outcomes and possibilities and also cover the problems that might arise after publishing or further down the line… I mean if its been several years of this question being answered and discussed over and over, I believe a minimal viable aspirin, would work miracles for many of us.

So what would be super awesome to see is a consensus of resolutions from the 5star generals above, it will be helpful and alleviate some of this pain while we continue to wait and wait and wait for the day when Webflow’s attachment to the old world can finally be removed.

I am in love with Webflow, please love me back.

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Hey @arlabs are you referring to the max width of the container element being set to 940px? You can always create your own container if you’d like to :slight_smile:

Just add a div, give it a class name, set the width to 100% and a max width of whatever max width you’d like it to be and set it to centered. Boom, custom container :smiley:

Am I missing something here?

I agree…sticking with the archaic 960 grid for a platform that is all about pushing the web forward seems backwards to me. I really wish it was a priority for them to give us grid flexibility AND breakpoint flexibility. These are both two critical components for any web designer creating in today’s environment of a million devices. C’mon webflow team…please help us build sites on your platform that meet certain industry standards. It will make you guys look better because our sites will look better.

“Flex” is coming… soon™ :wink:

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does soon mean you guys are currently actively working on it with a dedicated team?

We’re working on one part of the problem. The 960px grid and media query problem we’ll be working on this year.


well in the meantime can we get a full tutorial on the suggested workarounds for each of these issues? right now, everything is scattered across multiple threads with multiple solutions that may or may not work. Considering this is a serious issue in today’s environment it would be great to have one video tutorial to reference with your team’s proposed solution in the interim.

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