How to star review

Ive been searching for answers on how to make star reviews for a webflow form, seems theres lots of older posts with no real answers. I assume using the radio buttons will work for it, if anyone has any tips/tutorials on how to do it, im trying to avoid paying a monthly fee for an addon from a 3rd party.

To input star reviews, you’ll probably want to use a range slider with a 1 to 5 rating, perhaps with 0.5 steps in-between. You can do that with some jQuery.

Here are two demos on how to do that;

And the site preview;

Once you have your rating, if you need to display it as a fractional star rating, you can use the Sygnal Webflow Utils tool for that.


I appreciate the resource, but this is way over my head, im sure how to grab the star rating that you put there as an example, i cant find the sygnal webflow utils tool. and is this something i have to code in or is it a webflow drag n drop?

Hi Hogarth,

There are two parts to what you’ve described- the Input Range Slider, and the Stars Rating display- and no, neither are part of Webflow’s in-built capabilities.

For features like this, you add them into your site by referencing scripts and CSS externally, and by using the HTML embed to place specific HTML in your page.

Mostly, the community can point you to the right references and resources, but it’s up to you to learn how to implement them for your specific needs. Or you can PM me, show me exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and I may be able to help you with some programming.

Thanks i appreciate the help, i will have to upgrade to a paid plan so i can try some of the html imbed, that may be the final solution.

Thanks Hogarth, good to know, I hadn’t considered that the Starter Workspace might not support HTML Embeds.