409 Error Code: How much change between staging and prod causes this code to happen?

Does anyone have insight into the error code “409: The collection structure changed since the last publish”?

The fix for me is to always publish a site to staging and production. Once I do that, I temporarily stop seeing the 409 status code.

I encounter this error code at times where – from my point of view – there are minimal changes between what’s in development and what’s published publicly.

Would like insight into how much change, what kinds of changes, etc. cause the code to start being sent.

Also curious if there is some kind of way to check if one is about to start encountering this status code. Normally, end up being reactive.

I’ve read elsewhere that some folks just publish their sites daily to avoid getting a 409.

The 409 response code is not mentioned in the API docs from what I can tell.

Thank you! :pray:

The HTTP status code 409 (“Conflict”) you’re encountering indicates discrepancies between the content structure in your development environment and what’s published. This often arises from changes like adding or modifying fields in collections that aren’t synchronized across environments. To prevent this error, ensure all changes are consistently applied before publishing to staging or production. Regular synchronization and monitoring for discrepancies can help preemptively address conflicts. While specifics may vary by CMS, maintaining alignment between development and deployment environments and staying informed through support channels or community forums will aid in managing these issues effectively.

Hi @ColleenBrady - are you looking to live publish an item?

If so, this is expected, as staging and production domains must be in sync.

Also thank you for raising the lack of the error code in the docs! We’ll look at adding this in.

I’ve run into that 409: The collection structure changed since the last publish error a few times too. From my experience, it seems to pop up when there have been changes to your collection schema, even if they seem minor. Publishing to both staging and production has been my go-to fix as well, and it usually clears things up temporarily. As for predicting when it might happen, I haven’t found a foolproof way to check beforehand. It seems to be more about the timing and sequence of changes rather than just the amount of change. Some folks do indeed recommend publishing daily as a workaround to keep things smooth. It’s a bit annoying that the 409 response code isn’t mentioned in the API docs, but hopefully, Webflow will add more info about it soon.

I have run into 409 as well. However my error message states:

[409] Conflict: Site is published to multiple domains at different times

Has anyone encountered this?

@Tobias - Make sure you publish to all configured domains and that are in sync.

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@webdev Jeff, thank you. I sort of figured that but I am unsure where I am going wrong here.

I am in Make and I am using a Webflow API Call module to PATCH information for an item using the /live path. Do I simply create another module PATCHING for the same itemID but without /live? I am unsure how to tell the module to publish to different domains. Unless I am using the publish site module, of course…

I get the same error in the API dev tool

@Tobias - [quote=“Tobias, post:7, topic:284263”]
I am unsure how to tell the module to publish to different domains.

You need to go to your project settings and do it there last I checked.

@webdev Got it. Thank you!