403/404 on Custom Domain


I am trying to publish my site to a custom domain I’ve bought through Bluehost, but it keeps returning 404. Initially I just had the two A records, and was getting 403. Under dev tools network tab I saw that that the GET request is pointing to one of the A records Webflow has me assign. I then tried adding the CNAME record and now I am getting 404 from an IP that I do not recognize. Webflow has always shown the the domain as “Connected”. Publishing seems to go through fine.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://www.gabriellesophia.com/

should look like this:

did you publish to this custom domain?

Yes and it still isn’t working

Your A records are wrong. Should be and and your Cname for www should be proxy-ssl.webflow.com

So, I have ensured my A and CNAME records are correct. I was able to access the site by turning off SSL and using the new A records webflow provided for non-SSL. When reverting back to SSL and using the new A records and CNAME, I am again stuck with a 404. Attaching screens below from my domain provider.

I have no idea how it is redirecting to This is nowhere in my records.

Ok, I checked you DNS records and they are correct now.
I only see this 404 error, when I have my DNS records correct, but I did not publish yet to the custom domain. by default you publish to the {your domain}.webflow.io domain. You have to publish again but now also to your gabriellesophia.com domain.

Also make your www.gabriellesophia.com your default