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3D transforms and Interactions not working on IOS devices

Hey everyone,
huge problem occurred when i’ve finished my animation. In my webflow editor (and preview mode) everything works perfectly fine. But as soon as I publish my page, it’s not working correctly on my desktop browser. On my iPhone with safari browser and chrome browser it’s literally not working at all. But on Android devices the animation works nearly perfectly. Does someone has a solution for that?

Following is not working:

  • only two out of eight cards are transforming 180 degrees but even then you can’t see the back of the card, some of them vanishing completely or they stand up side down (IOS Phone: Chrome browser and safari)

  • First card/line isn’t flipping at all (MacOS Desktop: Chrome browser)

Thank you so much in advance

Problem solved… I’ve rebuild it from scratch and now its working! I still have no idea why but everything works fine now…