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Interaction not working well on Chrome and working differently on Safari

Hi People and Colleagues
I made a looping “flip interaction” on load with two faces, and a children perspective so it looks tridimensional. I have constructed it two months ago and it worked perfectly on Google Chrome. Then since about 9 days it started working strange: my google chrome on my computer is just showing one side of the flipping card, but on other computers on chrome it works well.

So first I have deleted my brower cache and tried in an incognito window: not working.
Then i uninstalled and reinstalled my google chrome on my computer: not working.

So thats for Google Chrome. When I open the website on Safari it works well with the two flipping faces but the flipping card ist invading the underneath text layer which is located in a lower Z index position.

So Im totally confused. Here is a Video Where you can see

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]