301 Redirects - Is it possible to have too many?

I have 2 websites - both of which I made when I didn’t know what the heck I was doing (Muse & BigCommerce). Since I’m moving both sites to Webflow (and properly setting up the Pages, Categories and Product Pages), I’m going to need a lot of 301 redirects.

I’m only redirecting half of my pages (as the other half never got love from Google, so they basically never existed - so there is no point in a redirect).

Question is this - before I start redirecting, is it possible to have too many redirects? I’ve got about 80 redirects, but I want to make sure I don’t overload the system or upset our Google overlord.

Obviously, I will start my redirects w/ our most important pages (thanks SEMRush) - but I don’t want to reach some sort of limit that I don’t know about.

Thanking you in advance!

I have migrated sites that included hundreds of thousands of redirects on other platforms. A 301 redirect is handled by the server(s). Google does not care about the total number. Googlebot crawls at a reasonable rate as to not overload servers anyway, Usually the issue is the performance hit on a typical web server from having to read all the maps. I don’t think you could tax Webflow’s servers by a total number. So personally I would not be concerned. Remember since you can only have 2000 items in the CMS and 100 pages so most redirects are one to one, or wildcards. I would consider these numbers low.

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