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Several problems of the designer, from a few hours

I also noticed some slowing down problems in the preview of the site, but also other slowdowns and bugs that I didn’t have in the past days. Undoubtedly there is some problem, which seems to be common with different variables for different users.

For example, now while trying to copy and paste text in the webflow cms, not in the “name” section but in a section of “rich text” created, I always get the message that you can see in the attached photo.
I have to click on “OK” several times until the message disappears.

Another one is a warning message saying I have “unsaved interactions”.

It becomes difficult, almost impossible to work.

What’s happening Webflow?
Thank you.

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@soulfree64 We’re investigating both issues. For the first “rich text” one, can you please let us know the exact steps you’re taking to reproduce that alert? :pray:

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Thank you Vlad Magdalin, I was trying to film the operation to show it, and suddenly the problem isn’t there anymore. Perhaps in the meantime you have solved the problem, in fact the bug seems to be missing now. Any other bugs or difficulties I may encounter I will report it to you immediately.
As you asked, I will report any problems with a specific post.
Thank you very much for your support.

@soulfree64 Good to hear! Yes, we did just deploy a fix for another copy paste bug, and it seems it’s related.


Thank you again :blush: :+1: !

Please let us know if you see the “Unsaved interactions” error pop up again.

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I will certainly do so.

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