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2 submit buttons on a form - Need to know which button has been clicked

Hey Webflow Heroes,

I need your help on this!

I need to create a form with 2 submit buttons, no problem on that.
But I need to know which button has been clicked.
It also need to be written in the form’s notification email.

I’ve tried to put some Custom attributes in the button’s settings but I couldn’t make it work, no big surprise on that as I have really no knowledge in Custom attributes.
But I think that it could be the way to achieve the goal…


Thank you guys for your help :hugs:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

As an alternative solution (and I appreciate it isn’t what you asked) - why not include a simple dropdown field where they can select “phone me” or “message me”?

Yes, it could do the tricks! Thank you
Maybe just adding a radio button “Be called”
It would work …

… but if we find a solution with the submit button, I rather like it, because it gets one more action out for the customer :blush:

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