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One Form, Two (Send) Buttons with different functions

I’m building this form, that my client can use to gather information, and then build a newsletter. The form is meant for the client itself, not for website visitors. The information entered here will be used a few times a week to built a newsletter.

Currently, I’ve built a “Save” (“Enregistrer”, in french) button that updates a google sheet through zapier. This is necessary because filling the form can take some time and we don’t want the user to lose any information because of a mistype/misclick, like hitting the refresh button by mistake. (To make sure this works, I’ve added some custom code so that button doesn’t cause the form to disappear.)
That’s button number 1, and it’s done and working.

What I need to do now is have another button to use when the form is complete. This button would trigger a different interaction, namely sending the info into a previously-built Mailchimp HMTL newsletter through Zapier. I know the focus of this community is not third-party product (although any input would help!) but if there is a way to have second button with different features, I can probably figure out the rest.

So the question is: Is it possible to have a second button tied to my form that might have a different Action/Method? (The sub-question being: How do I use the mysterious “Action” feature on forms?)

Thanks in advance!

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